NEW YORK SNIP280 – Politically Incorrect

One bad thing and four good things happened to me this week – one potential romance faltered was the first and it is not the same order of thing as the other four. However the other four are the source…

NEW YORK SNIP280 – Politically Incorrect



One bad thing and four good things happened to me this week – one potential romance faltered was the first and it is not the same order of thing as the other four. However the other four are the source of this video-blog, more specifically one of the four. The four are as follows: for two weeks straight without let-up, I had a ‘stiff’ neck; in my more hypochondriac moments I feared it was a nerve abnormality that would eventually lead to brain tumor, inoperative tumor as my mother had died of. It cleared up finally yesterday. For six months I’ve suffered the limitations of heel ‘spur’ and plantar fasciitis; walking on the left foot caused pain so dancing and jogging was out, bike riding was in. A devised a daily rehabilitation exercise routine, stretch strength & massage, that didn’t help heal; a cortisone injection three weeks ago hastened the healing. Three days ago I think I can finally say that it is done. it’s over, gone. Now the two last good things, as you will readily see are of a different order of thing that the first mentioned – two days in a row WNET aka Thirteen, the premier culture & politics television station of the USA in New York, by subscription and corporate funding, broadcast two American Masters Programs by launching its 32 season of the 1986 founding of that programming format (usually 60 min on an American cultural icon, living or passed).
The first was based on the life of Sammy Davis Jr and the second on Lorraine Hansberry, both happened to be American Blacks aka Afro-Americans. There have been many American Masters on American Jews, American Whites, American Yellows American Browns, Americans of every stripe and color. PBS’s premieres of Sammy Davis Jr: I’ve Gotta Be Me and Lorraine Hansberry: Lighted Eyes/Feeling Heart. As an Euro-American Jew, I have a lot, a lot to say to express react to in the celebration in these two lives; American Jews played significant roles in their lives, especially Hansberry’s. In fact I have so much to say that I will save my reflections on Sammy Davis Jr till one of my next videoBlogs.
So American Jews and American Coloreds have a lot in common. American Jews were the Coloreds of Egypt 2000 plus years ago and they were the Coloreds of Czarist Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Poland, and several other Eastern European countries, for a thousand years, and as the last century tragically demonstrated, also the Coloreds of Central Europe, and previous centuries the Coloreds of Western & Southern Europe. This is merely to present the already well-established emotional and political kinship between the two races from their histories. Robert Nimiroff, son of Russian Jews, was Lorraine’s husband, nurturer, promoter and executor of her estate; Philip Rose, son of Russian Jews, Lower Eastside New York birth, was the producer without whom it is very possible that Lorraine’s 1959 political and ethnically explosive Broadway play Raisin in the Sun might never have seen the sun’s light. Nimiroff worked in Rose’s office, Rose came to a dinner party at Lorraine & Robert’s Greenwich Village New York apartment, at which time Lorraine read portions of that developing script. The jazz aficionado Rose was deeply affected and for the next two years worked with his own money to put together a production of that play, enlisting his connections to the Harlem artist community to interest Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee and director Lloyd Richards, in this ‘unusual’ all Black theater family drama, taking place in Chicago’s segregated Southside apartment at the cusp of the civil rights era. Lee Shubert, born Levi Schubart, emigrated to the USA as an 11 year old son of Lithuanian Jewish parents, a part of the Russian Empire, and built a theatrical empire in New York City, the Shubert Organization. He heard of the notoriety the Raisin In The Sun production was causing in the city of Philadelphia, where it was being tried out in 1958, and went down to attend a performance. He invited Rose to present the play at one of his theaters in New York. Currently showing To Kill A Mockingbird.

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