Today’s video is about exercise. I am going to explain what I personally do and why? And I am also going to explain physical activities for people who refuse to exercise. So if you do not want to or can’t…



Today’s video is about exercise.
I am going to explain what I personally do and why? And I am also going to explain physical activities for people who refuse to exercise. So if you do not want to or can’t exercise, but still want to lose weight, there is hope for you – so please watch the video to the very end.

Before I begin, when starting ANY exercise program you should always be cleared by your doctor first. If you have any injury whether big or small, old or new, you should always seek medical advice as to what exercises you can or can’t do.

I specialize in a training method called Tabata better known as HIIT training, which is short for High, Intensity, Interval, Training). It’s an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense bursts of exercise followed by a less-intense recovery periods.

Example, a HIIT workout on a stationary bicycle – warm up for 5-10 minutes, then 8 to 40 sets of:
A 30-second intense burst of fast pedaling, then followed by a very easy 30 second recovery period of slow pedaling, and then repeat. Fast 30 secs slow 30 sec, fast 30 sec slow 30 sec.
Now you do not have to do this on the bicycle. You can use this method while walking, running, skipping, jogging on the spot, if you have fancy equipment or a gym contract – you can use machines like the step machine, treadmill etc. There is an endless amount of combinations, timing and exercises you can do with HIIT training. In fact HIIT training can involve any type of form of exercise and can be performed almost anywhere.
The main aim of HIIT training is that when you do that short intense burst of exercise you really have to push it & get your heart rate as high as you possibly!

But why HIIT training?
HIIT training increases the “afterburn effect” which refers to the period of time that your body continues to burn calories AFTER your workout is over. This means your metabolic rate will be on fire for up to 48 hours after these workouts. And the best thing is that a HIIT training session only takes about 8-30 minutes to complete.

HIIT training isn’t an easy form of exercise – it should NEVER be easy, it has to be hard to create that afterburn effect! So you will have to keep on stepping up your game and increasing the level of intensity in order to keep getting results.

Now the great news is that I have free HIIT training exercise program on my website. www.numeforlife.com

Another form of exercise I recommend for weight loss, is weight training, you can combine weight training with HIIT training. You will see I have, in my free program on my website. Or you can just get to the gym and pump some iron. As a personal trainer I am here to tell you there is no secret sequence or training program to weight training. As long as you are exerting pressure to your muscles, working all the muscle groups and doing it in a safe way. You are good to go. There are loads of websites out there giving away free weight training programs that you can download and follow.

Someone who does weight training verse someone who just does cardio generally has better body composition, they look better and more toned even if their weight is identical. And the reason for that is muscle takes less space in your body than fat does. Another benefit to weight training is more muscles. Muscles require more energy even if they are not being used. So someone with more muscles will have higher resting metabolic rate than someone with less muscles.

I really believe that if you going to do other forms of cardio it should be something you love and enjoy.

For people who simply hate exercise, they refuse to do it. And if they do exercise its always on a short term basis they never seem to follow through with it as long term lifestyle. So the great news here, with regards to loosing weight, is that you do not necessary have to exercise. 80% of weight loss comes from diet alone, the further 20% comes from exercise. So if you refuse to exercise, you can still lose the weight, however it will be at a slower rate in comparison to someone who is eating correctly and exercising.

NEAT which stands for Non exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT is any daily activity, so it can be walking in a shopping mall or to the bus stop, cleaning the house, running after kids etc. Whether you exercise or don’t exercise NEAT plays an important part in burning calories throughout the out the day.
If you not going to do exercise you have to increase your NEAT. Examples:Walk faster, take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand while you eat, walk to work if you can etc.

I know NEAT may seem like a simple, irrelevant thing but whether you exercise or not increasing your daily NEAT is scientifically proven to burn more calories. It’s a very simple strategy that can fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

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