Gym Workout with Versa Forma

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Senior Gold Dance Workout #3

Senior Gold Dance Workout #3 is a low impact dance exercise workout for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who likes to dance for fun, fitness and health. The easy moves are easy to do and follow. The benefits of…


This cardio dance class is the perfect way to shape up and let out your inner star, even if you feel like you are dance-challenged. Included with over 70 free classes offered with a 212 Fitness membership.


A high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness. No experience needed. Learn moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Kung Fu. Included with over 70 free classes offered with a…

Body Pump

This addictive workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts, and curls. A breakthrough in fitness training focusing on high repetition movements with low weight loads. Included with over…