Woman Walking On Treadmill Stock Video

Get this here: https://motionarray.com/stock-video/woman-walking-on-treadmill-273877 …included with our Unlimited memberships. Or download hundreds of other assets with a FREE account. https://motionarray.com/free This video captures a pair of women in fitness gear, walking on treadmills.

Tips for Situational Awareness

Listen to VTMF partner, Sheriff Lew Evangelidis, as he reviews a few tips to increase personal safety and situational awareness. The Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation is proud to partner with Sheriff Lew to produce self defense workshops. Learn more on…

Poopie Pocket ™ | Number Three

Welcome to a better walk! How many dog walking hours have you spent with a leash in one hand and a plastic bag of poop in the other? Too many right? Same here, and that’s why we’ve engineered this handy…