20 MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN SPORTS Athletes mess up all the time making countless errors and making awkward mistakes, but on this list we’re going through the most embarrassing moments ever recorded, today we’re going through the 20 most embarrassing…



Athletes mess up all the time making countless errors and making awkward mistakes, but on this list we’re going through the most embarrassing moments ever recorded, today we’re going through the 20 most embarrassing sports moments

This first moment is why you should concentrate on where you’re going when operating machinery as this camera man accidentally drives into a post on a segway falling off it and knocking over athlete and gold medalist usain bolt

This next moment shows the time these two long jump athletes simultaneously mess up their long jumps one after the other, the first one doesn’t jump at all and the next messes up her landing

This next moment shows what happens when referees have vanishing spray…..but its also fake but this next real embarrassing moment comes when the referee accidentally sprays the players boots which they don’t take too kindly to

This next moment shows when two incompitent medics fail to use stretchers properly in a football game, they keep messing up for a good amount of time working out how they were going to pick up the player and weirdly enough this happens a lot

This next moments shows when a tennis player accidentally hits his opponent in the balls with the tennis ball, which left his in pain for at least a few minutes after the opponent was clearly not playing so it’s hard to say if this was in spite or if it was just a mistake

Caroline wozniaki is a professional tennis player who a few years ago had a small accident involving her hair her hair actually got stuck in her racket but instead of stopping the game she just goes with it and has to awkwardly hit the ball with her racket only half extended

This next football goalkeeper decided to take his eye of the ball before he boots the ball upfield which is normal but he didn’t know that the ball had actually rolled away from him and as he goes to kick where he thinks the ball is he hits the air instead and nearly concedes a dumb goal

This next moment is so awkward to watch but it shows the time the 2008 memorial trophy in ice hockey was broken when one of the players accidentally dropped it on the floor, the trophy is damaged beyond repair and the players look dumbfounded

This next moment also comes from two tennis pros with the challenge of knocking a water bottle off of each others heads but it goes terribly wrong when the female player accidentally hits novak djocoic in the balls flawing him as he cries in pain for a good few minutes

This next moment is probably the most embarrassing so far and it once again happens in the women’s long jump in this video the athletes wig actually falls off which isn’t just awkward it also affects her score
This next moment shows when these two tennis players are competing in who can pull off the silliest showboating moves some of which turn quite raunchy but the camera picks up some very awkward shots

This next moment went viral and it better referred to as work it willis and shows the moment where a security guard shows off his dancing skills at this baseball game before going back to his normal completely emotionless stance

This next moment is just awkward to watch as this camera man awkwardly runs with the pace of these athletes competing in this running event the footage he captures is very shaky and shows the runners confused expressions

This next moment is shows what it’s like for footballers to play in the snow this moment is hilarious though as when the player falls over he throws a snowball at his opponent quite jokingly in at attempt to distract him

This next moment shows when a streaker comes onto the pitch during a golf game of all sports the streaker was a woman dressed in only a bikini if i say otherwise youtube will age restrict this video but anyway such a weird awkward moment

This paralympian is blind and competes in the men’s long jump and if you laugh at this clip you’re going to hell in the video he misses the sand all together as he actually jumps into the side of the track

This next moment is very awkward to watch but this next athlete actually holds the record for the slowest 100m sprint in the Olympics as he falls far behind the rest of the athletes who finish at least three times faster than him

This next cyclist is a prime example of why you should concentrate and not celebrate too early, this cyclist had thought he won the race but it turns out he had one lap left which is why he didn’;t actually end up winning the race

This next moment shows when vitaly the youtuber got his girlfriend to streak the pitch of the champions league final, this stunt actually got his girlfriend over a million followers just overnight which is quite impressive but still embarrassing

This next moment is very weird and shows the moment a female coach grabs the ass of the athlete who had just completed in a good natured way but it still looks very awkward

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